cemetery register

Developed in collaboration with Cipressi c.a.r.l. (note cemetery management company), this web-based system allows the management of cemeteries registry. The user can search for a deceased person to know the location of an artifact, see a map of the cemetery, print contracts and payments for the effttuare votive lighting and occasional.
From pannallo amministratrazione you can manage different types of artifacts (niches, mounds, cells, ossarietti, chapels, ect.), Update the registry, manage the contracts with the schedule of payments on services. Below we listed the main features of the system:
  • Registry artifact (picture of the status and location)
  • Inserting photo artifact from iOS smartphone application
  • Management utility payments related artifact
  • Management mapping of the cemetery
  • Search deceased / manufactured via a graphical interface and / or name
  • Print contracts
  • Utility payments online
  • Use our land the municipalities of Montecorvino Rovella, Melfi, British Cemetery.
  • The service is offered in partnership with the Cypress Group.