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The Netminds for over 12 years offering advice in the design and implementation of web and mobile based solutions .
Recently she joined with Avenire Studio offer up to a full-service corporate communications, ensuring the customer a seamless integration in the two sectors .
For all editorial activities Netminds the company uses its own satellite: the Paidea Ltd.
A more detailed listing can be downloaded here (Italian only).
We offer dynamic solutions that make the customer the independent daily workflow . Following are the areas of information technology which we have extensive experience :
Here are some of the technologies used by us in various projects:
Visual Basic, Cocoa / XCode , ANSI C, Java and J2ME , ASP , PHP , JavaScript , VBScript , DHTML , HTML, XML / XSLT , AJAX , SQL , VB . NET , Action Script 3 (Flash) - Software procedural 3D Procedural CityEngine , Unity 3D ( Games Development ) .