Live Auctions Software

Online Live Web Auctions is a flexible and customizable module integrated with the Content Management System, tailored to the specific needs of auctions, such as the cataloging of lots, updating the timetable and mechanism of re-launching of tenders.
The website is subdivided into sections specially created, both to guide the user in a clear and quick access to useful content to your business, and to allow the site administrator to update your pages quickly and easily from your computer, thanks user friendly interface.
From the home page, the user can:
  • View all auction catalogs on the calendar and submit their bids before the auction date.
  • Browse the online catalog with pictures of individual lots in high resolution and zoom in on details with loupe system.
  • Check sold and unsold.
  • Search lots by number, description or category of interest.
  • Buy catalogs in print.
  • Entering the customer, after registering, to manage personal information, pay bills, conduct pre-deals and offers, save the selected batches.
  • Upload documents.
  • Access the Auction live.
Live Auctions registered customers can:
  • receive audio / video auction live via web
  • display the image and the description of the lot at the same time it is auctioned
  • send text messages trend auction
  • to bid in real time via web
  • use the system CHAT with the Auction House Help and Support