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The system is designed to increase the perception and enjoyment of the visit at the Baths of Caracalla, making it more attractive to visit. To this end, the baths were reconstructed in 3D.
Thanks to I.M.U. (inertial measurement unit) the application will allow the visitor, framing the area of ​​interest, have a window into the past through which to view the city's reconstruction in real time and have also an aid to navigation along the paths of excavations. Each area (Roman Baths, Tiepidarium and so on) is accompanied by in-depth audio / video and reported through appropriate warnings and icons on the screen.
The following key features:
  • Three-dimensional reconstruction of the entire archaeological area of Pompeii currently resurfaced.
  • Real-time interaction with the surrounding environment.
  • Free navigation at the whole area rebuilt with the possibility of immersion in the 3D reconstruction.
  • Information of a textual and photographic sound of the major points of interest of the excavations.