multimedia campaign

Multimedia is the coexistence and interaction of several means of mass communication in the same support or information context. The term "multimedia" is derived from the Latin medium and you can roughly translate into "a variety of mediums."
Over the years, the word "multimedia" has taken many connotations, it can be understood as the confluence of three media and cultural traditions: that of the press, characterized by objectivity, analytical, systematic and closing the audiovision, where they are present subjectivity, globality, the opening, the interactivity, where the user has a function co-authorship.
An example of campaigns that favor the interaction of various media campaigns are cross-media and trans-media.
In both cases, the translated content in digital format, slip through different channels, such as the cinema to the web, or from comics to television by increasing the visibility of the product and the target, with the ability to reach even extended to cover areas with different habits of consumption.
But most of the "media system" is among the consumers who make the moment of purchase or consumption of a time relationship.