Live Support Application

This are the feataures of our live support application:
Configurable options
· Multi Operator (with photo) / Multi department
· Enable chat in popup
· Request chat in Mobile overlayer on the website or in div popup on the bottom right
· Eye catcher to draw attention to the chat
· 2 how to display the chat feature:
  • or button to integrate the html
  • or floating div at the bottom right
· Inclusion of IP as not to draw
· Management preset messages
· Archive pages you visit and chat
· Simple management of trouble tickets
· Various statistics
Live Panel visitors
· Unique visitors and traceable in the following days
· URL of the current visit
· Link the referer
· Type of browser
· The date of entry and exit from the site
· Total length of the page
· History of visited pages
· Chat history made
· Display ip and Geolocation with map
· Feature request chat "from Operator"
· Snapping chat "from visitors"
· Auto call after 2 minutes
· sound
Chat Panel
· List of members chatting
· Instant chat
· Display function "typing"
· Function of sending emoticons
· Function of sending preset messages