Mobile Apps Development: iOS / Android / Windows8

We develop native applications / web / 3D / advanced for all mobile platforms: Apple iOS, Android, Windows 8/Mobile.  We can satisfy any type of request that solution: a simple consultation catalog, a 3D augumented reality app or a videogame (for more info on videogames see section).

Moreover we have developed two lines of products: Back to History and AU.REA.
  • Back to History is a range of applications that allow you to relive the past at the archaeological sites. Meanwhile you are visiting an archaeological dig (currently in publication Carcalla and the Baths of Pompeii), it is possible to point a device (phone, tablet) and open a window on time and review a reconstruction of the place and the life of the time.
  • AU.REA. is our augmented reality application. It allows, framing an object or a card or a business card, to increase the reality seen through the device adding models and information.